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High quality, custom flags for any occasion, celebration, country or vessel


For over 30 years, National Flags has been supplying high-quality flags and accessories to customers around the world. With a retail outlet in Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory, and an office in Canberra, the capital of the Australian Capital Territory, we offer a wide selection of flags and related products to customers in Australia and beyond.

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we are passionate about flags and take pride in our extensive knowledge and expertise in this field.

Military-Grade Quality

Our flags are made from durable, weather-resistant materials that are built to last, no matter the conditions. We offer a range of military-grade flags, including national flags, service flags, and campaign flags, all designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Event Flags & Decorations For Everyone

Adding flags to your event or garden is an easy way to make it stand out and add a touch of personality to your space. Whether you're looking to create a patriotic display, add a pop of color to your garden, or celebrate a special occasion, our collection of decorative and event flags has something for everyone.

With our attention to detail and decades of experience with flags, trust us to help you create the perfect ambiance for your event or home with our extensive selection of flags.


Ordering the right flag, made easy:

  • Choose your flag size (typical sizes provided, custom sizes available)

  • Provide the quantity flags you're after

  • Notify us of any accessories you may need (flag poles, center pieces, stands etc)

  • Let us know when you need the flag(s) by & where to send them

Find The Right Flag For You

Flags for any occasion, location or vessel

National Flags

Show your national pride and represent your country with these high-quality flags.

State & Provincial Flags

Proudly display your state's unique history and culture with our collection of state flags.

Military Flags

Whether you're a current member of the military or a veteran, our Military Flags are the perfect way to display your dedication to your country and your branch of service.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Flags

Create a one-of-a-kind flag that reflects your unique style and personality.

Nautical Flags

Add a touch of color and beauty to your outdoor or indoor space with our decorative flag collection.

City / Municipal Flags

Celebrate a city you love with a unique city or municipality flag.

Sports Flags

Support your favorite team or athlete and show off your sports pride with our sports flag collection.

Historical Flags

Take a step back in time and celebrate our rich history with our collection of historical flags.

Advertising & Event Flags

Promote your business, event or brand with our high-quality advertising flags.

Create a custom event with flag centre pieces and more!

Decorative, Garden or Home Flags

Spruce up your indoor space at home or add a touch of whimsy with a choice of any flag you like.


An eco-friendly decoration option. Add a touch of fun to your next garden party or children's birthday party.

Custom Flags

Create a one-of-a-kind flag that reflects your unique style and personality.

Flag Accessories

  • Flag poles, stands, bases, center pieces

  • And More!

Need a Custom Flag ASAP?

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Here's What Clients Are Saying About Us...

Ron is very knowledgeable and helpful as well with a huge range of flags available. If he doesn’t have the flag you want he can easily get it in! Top bloke as well, highly recommended

Oceania AFlags Australia

Si Milner

Ron the owner is an 88 yo awesome bloke. He's made flags for Darwin Police force, Barrack Obama etc. Great man and great shop. Thanks for your hospitality and great service and friendship 😆

Oceania AFlags Australia

Jason Wright

Very knowledgeable guy that runs the whole store, cheers Ron! Bought 2 smaller and 1 large scale flag, best quality i've seen from a locally owned business in a very long while!

Oceania AFlags Australia

Ricky Nikolaev

National Flags was amazing at finding us the flags we were looking for. We were amazed with their knowledge of flags and how fast they could get them for us. The product is great and the price is fair - very happy.

Oceania AFlags Australia

Jesse Leal

Need help with your flag order?

Reach out to our specialist, Ron

1 Edmunds Street, Darwin City

Northern Territory, Australia

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm



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